Thesis-driven investing in transformative technologies


At Prophetic Ventures, we invest in businesses that align with our thesis of future ubiquity. The thesis is simple - it posits that investing in early stage technology companies is difficult. A majority of startups have talented founders, large addressable markets, and compelling stories. It is impossible to accurately predict which individual companies will perform well and which companies will not. It is easier to predict which technologies will evolve to become ubiquitous in our lives and businesses.

Needless to say, foretelling the commercialization and adoption of complex technologies is not child’s play – but neither is it unthinkable. At Prophetic Ventures, we keep a close eye on the development of powerful exponential technologies and protocols. We identify promising but nascent technologies and back the best teams in India working on the bleeding edge of these technologies. Our portfolio companies have great teams, market opportunities, and stories; but they are also supported by paradigmatic tailwinds. If early stage tech investing is a shootout, it helps to have tomorrow’s guns in your holster.

We support and invest in teams working on the following technologies:


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