Prophetic Ventures invests between 50L and 3Cr in Indian startups.

We do this because we love the thrill of building things and using technology to improve the world. Working with driven founders gives us the rush of starting up, except we get to work on multiple ideas instead of just one.

As young entrepreneurs ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to relate to and assist our portfolio founders. We help companies hire, build, and fundraise with speed and quality; one of our best assets is our network comprising of engineers, angels, VCs, founders, and strategic partners.

Our target teams are good at selling, networking, and releasing new software with velocity and diligence. Ideas and business models are important, but secondary. We will invest in companies with only an MVP all the way through to companies raising a pre-Series A. We make and communicate our decisions within a week and will always reply to and help a founder even if we can't cut a cheque.


We are extremely proud of our portfolio companies and encourage you to reach out to them to learn more about us and the way we work. Here are a few of our bets, including a few personal investments by our co-founders.


Our Advisors